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Amy D.
on Yelp

Dr. Kevin and his staff are absolutely amazing! Very accommodating to my situation and my schedule as a working Mom. For instance I have been getting some dental work done here and I was having a lot of pain, I told him I couldn't come in early cause I had work, so he told me to just come in at 5 (he's suppose to close at 5) to have me come in and take a look.

Traffic was bad and I called and told them I would be about 10 min late, I got there and they saw me immediately, I was literally in and out in a half hour. Absolutely amazing service, excellent chair side manner by Dr. Kevin and all of his staff. I ended up having dry socket! (Extremely painful) he gave me instructions on what to do next and told me to call him if I needed too. I appreciate all his hard work and attention to my needs as a patient (working in the healthcare field myself I appreciate that) he really cares and is passionate about taking care of his patients and so are all of his staff. Even though they were closed they weren't rushing me out the door they were making conversation and reassured me that I would feel better soon and told me not to hesitate to call at anytime.

Very very professional and I would highly recommend. Keep up the good work Hillcrest Dental! You are all amazing and appreciated!

Dang N.
on Yelp

Most people feel a little nervous at any dentist office, and going into Dr. Kevin's office the first time was no different until my wife experienced the virtually pain-free cleaning she received from Dr. Kevin's staff. We were looking for a new dentist, as our previous one got out of the business due to health reasons, and my wife's colleague recommended this office. The staff are friendly, and it's a family business. Dr. Kevin's teenage sons can be seen helping with administrative work in the office. This will be a great life-lesson for them and they're helping out with the family business, as well. My wife's RDA, Mendoza, did an excellent job and she complimented on how his work cleaning her teeth didn't hurt at all. My wife is very pain averse in a dentist chair, so that's really saying something! My wife has already scheduled a return cleaning visit in 6 months.

Vivian N.
on Yelp

Dr. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and professional when it comes to dental hygiene. He is gentle, very detail oriented, and efficient at any dental work you need done. His office is very clean and organized, which says a lot about his work ethic as well.

He really looks out for his patients, and really has their best intention at heart.

I had a cleaning done just this last Friday, and it was a full one hour experience, and I walked out of the chair with my confidence re-boosted and feeling cleaner than ever.

I recommend him to everyone and anyone I know.

Adam V.
on Yelp

One of my teeth broke and they saw me first thing the very next morning. It took less than two hours to be checked in, treated, and out the door. It was as close to painless as you get, too. And no dentist guilt trip. Absolutely recommended.

Kay W.
on Yelp

First off, I have to let you guys know from the beginning of what happened. Also, I was just there 2 weeks ago and have a follow up appointment in 3 weeks. So this is something you must read!

here goes.. I needed some cosmetic stuff done on my teeth and I went to several places for a quote and they wanted to charge me an insane amount of money. I understand they need to make money and all but the price they gave me was soooooo ridiculous. Then I found this place close to my home and I went in and I asked if they can give me a consultation. They said yes and took me in right away. There was also no charge on the consultation unlike these other places I went. After Dr. Le saw me, he then gave me a quote to the point where I couldn't say no. His price was not only affordable and he said I can also make payments! So, I was very thrilled and accepted the offer and made my next appointment.

I WAS SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY AND RELIEVED. Because I then realized that all the bad reviews are really honestly ridiculous. For all the bad reviews, just so you know, the numbing injections is supposed to feel like a pinch but afterwards you feel nothing!!!!! : ) and regarding the bad front staff and medical staff, I will agree that they are young and probably lacks a bit of etiquette but everyone have to learn somewhere!!! I meant you were young once and you had to learn from your mistakes right? Also, I think it's great that Dr.Le allows students to come in and check on how things works in dentistry. Because it is very different in the real world compares to textbooks and practicing in school.

Julia N.
on Yelp

After going to many dental places around the area for several years, this place is definitely the one that's the best out of them all!

All the workers there really care about you and your teeth and you're just not another person coming into their office. They are really gentle but still get your teeth clean. What I noticed that I really liked was that they scraped my teeth before the polishing (like normal dentistry places should) but after everything, they went back and scraped it another time! I never experienced that before at other dentistry places before.

Dr. Kevin is a really good dentist that takes care of you and your teeth really well.

Overall, I recommend everyone to come here for your basic dentistry needs!

on Yelp

Hi my names Arthur and I've had a fair amount of experience with tooth extractions I've had 4 in the last 5 years ..... this was by far my favorite experience ... my dentist was Kevin le and he was AWESOME ... he took the time and had the patience to make sure my anesthesia was fully set in before going to work and when I could still feel a bit of pain he gave me more . I could tell they took patient comfort seriously , I've had multiple times where they just got the pain down to what they felt was an acceptable level and went to town , leaving me grimacing during the operation . another bonus was the method he used .... like I've said I've had a few extractions and most of the time it feels violent what's going on in my mouth , but he just sort of rocked it out of there (and it was not a loose tooth) I'm sure it wasn't the fastest way for him to get his job done but it was definitely the easiest on me out of the ones I've had . The best part of all though was the price . I haven't had dental coverage since I was a child and when I called in to get a price check it was very competitive with the lowest of the prices I've paid for an extraction . and there were no surprises . the price he quoted me on the phone was what I paid . no additional x-ray fees or anesthesia fees they were very straight up with me in the first place , I know I am going to be needing more work in the future and after my experience I will definitely be coming back here

Lisa G.
on Yelp

If it's possible to have a positive experience at a dentist, this is it. I am in San Diego, working for the summer, and chipped my tooth, and I wanted to get it checked out and make sure there was no more damage. The office staff was very friendly and efficient, and the doctor had a terrific chair-side manner. The price the quoted over the phone included some possible x-rays, so the certainly could have convinced me I needed x-rays if they wanted to charge me for them, but the doctor said I didn't need them so I got out of there a little cheaper than expected. Would absolutely go there again if I happened to need a dentist in San Diego.

Julie D.
on Yelp

Unable to get into my regular dentist, I found Hillcrest online and gave them a call. Even though I wasn't an existing patient, they got me in the same day and performed an emergency root canal. I was in such extreme pain and was very grateful for the wonderful staff and Dr. Le for making time for me. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Dr. Le was thorough and gentle, and explained everything as he was working. I felt confident and comfortable, and was very pleased with their work. I'll be switching to Hillcrest as my regular dentist as a result of this great experience and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of routine or emergency dental care.

Simon B.
on Yelp

I "literally" credit Dr. Lee for saving my life (or from being a vegetable) after I developed an abscess on Christmas Eve and he was the only dentist in town to perform an emergency dental surgery procedure to stop the infection that was caused by a hygienist at Impressions dentistry.

Jennifer M.
on Yelp

I recently moved to the Puget Sound area and had been looking for a new dentist. That shifted to needing to find one ASAP as I had a horrible tooth ache for about a week and finally broke down and searched emergency dental clinics b/c I knew I needed to get in that day as the pain was unbearable. Mind you this was Friday, usually difficult enough to find a dentist for a Friday appointment. I google searched and this was the first clinic that came up and it was close to my work...score!

I was really nervous going but they were able to get me in and the staff was really friendly and honestly I had no choice. I started to feel more comfortable with my upcoming appointment when Dr. Le called me ahead of time to ask about my tooth pain so he could be better prepared for my appointment as it was not a scheduled exam. I am SO glad this is the dentist that came up. I ended up having to have a root canal and a filling done that day (which they were also able to do same day). Dr. Le is friendly, the office is clean, great staff and great prices, you can't beat it!

To further my being a fan of this dental office when I went to get my antibiotic filled on Saturday morning at about 7:30 am I realized in all my pain I somehow neglected to tell Dr. Le I was allergic to penicillin and likely forgot to put it on my form as well as I was in such a hurry to be treated. When Walgreens called the office to find out the hours the pharmacist was shocked that they were open on Saturday at that time but even more shocked that Dr. Le answered the phone.

I already scheduled my appointment for a crown and for my teeth cleaning with Dr. Le and for once in my life am not dreading a dental appointment.

Man E.
on Yelp

I was having a dental issue during the holidays a couple of years ago. I called the office and was surprised that Dr. Le answered the phone. He was out of the office but had all calls forwarded to his cell hone. We made an appointment for a few days later when he returned.

Dr. Le is the tops. Very calming maner. Very caring man who is more interested in you the patient and your needs than how much he can make off of you. He treated me then I referred my wife and daughters. Everyone loves him. Great staff. Plenty of parking.

Bullwinkle R.
on Yelp

My wife and I have been to HillCrest several times now. Dr. Lee has done a great job and I like that his facilities use digital x-rays and are more state-of-the-art. We've not had any concerns on treatment or billing.

Alex E.
on Yelp

My appointment was easy breezy. Located behind Carl's Jr. restaurant, Hill Crest is a quaint , friendly office. The staff was nice, including Dr. Lee. He review my medical history, asked if i had any dental concerns, addressed them, then cleaned my teeth. I experienced normal cleaning discomfort, but nothing I couldn't handle. He was really thorough. The cleaning with x-ray was $99 and to replace a crown of concern would be $770 if I choose to have I replaced in the future. The hygienist was sweet and gentle with her hands.

John S.
on Facebook

I had to have an extraction of some teeth. They got me in right away and it was over before I knew it. Dr. Le and his staff are very nice and professional. This is my dentist from here on out.

Monica K.
on Facebook

Absolutely awesome doctor and staff. I HATE dentists and are deathly afraid of them but they made me feel completely comfortable.

on Google +

Absolutely wonderful! Dr. Le was able to see me for an emergency extaction on July 4Th (Every other dentist was closed) I had an intolerable tooth pain and within an hour he had removed the tooth and the pain. This is my first time at Hillcrest dental and I will continue to come here for all my dental needs. Affordable pricing as well- I couldn't be happier!

Vichena V.
on Google +

I had two wisdoms that I needed out and a friend recommended this place to me. They are so fast (Got two wisdoms out in about 40mins to an hr) and they made me feel safe even tho my heart was racing and my body was shaking like crazy. I totally recommend coming here! Thank u Dr. Le and staff!

Joel P.
on Google +

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Le and his staff! I have been coming here for almost 4 years. I've had everything from a cleaning to multiple root canals. Even an emergency fix one time. They have always been very friendly, professional and flexible to the patient's work schedule. I would recommend Hillcrest to anyone!!! Thank you Dr. Le and staff!!!!

Rinaldi V.
on Google +

Originally I found Hillcrest Dentistry online. I had an infected and cracked tooth that I needed extracted. Dr.Le and his staff provided excellent service at a price I could easily afford. I had another dentist quote me a price that was out of control and they wanted money up front. Dr.Le pulled the tooth quickly and painlessly. At a modest price..Thank you Hillcrest.

Mindy N.
on Google +

My family and I have gone to the Hillcrest Dental Clinic for more than 5 years. We trust and are confident in their dental services. Dr. Le and his staffs are very professional in clean appearances and well-done jobs. They are fast and ready to assist us for urgent dental services. One time, I had a terrible toothache. Dr. Le opened his clinic before his clinic bussiness hours to take care my toothache right away in that morning. My three and seven years old children are happy to go Dr. Le's clinic. They are not afraid to stay in the exam room by themselves. Somehow, they also got an idea that their teeth need to be brushed regularly. This makes my life easier to clean up their teeth every day. Overall, I give this clinic an A+ based on their integrity and professional services.

Niko W.
on Google +

My 2 kids and I have been going to this place for years. Yes, once in a while we had seen a few new faces(assistants) there, but I guessed we're pretty fortunate that we've got some good experiences there. I especially loved Dr. Le Assistant -- Marlie, she has always very friendly and skilled !! The place is very clean and Dr. Le is nice and professional. This will continue to be my family's Dentist as long as we live in Renton :)